Hospitality Insiders Club 25.04.18

07:00 - 12:30 for Estonians (We meet in D-Terminal at 6:50 latest by the check in by the HIC banner)

10:00 - 15:30 for Finsiders (We meet in Lansiterminali at 9:40 by the group check in)

Tallink Megastar ferry

What's the TOPIC of the day:
Hellinn - Talsingi as twin cities connected by tunnel.  

  • What, When and Why? 
  • For Who?
  • Opportunities and Challenges for the Hospitality Sector?

Presented by Peter Vesterbacka (the tunnel man from Angry Birds community) - see the change of presenters below

Peter Vesterbacka – As per Peter is a.k.a the Mighty Eagle and is one of the Angry Birds, the founder of Slush and MobileMonday. Having appeared on TIME magazine’s ‘World’s hundred most influential people’ list back in 2011, up until last year Vesterbacka was responsible for the development of the gaming company Rovio Entertainment. In 2016, he decided to leave Rovio, still continuing his work as an investor and advisor, but primarily focusing on his co-founded learning games studio Lightneer.
Referring to Estonian National Broadcast news - former Rovio development chief Peter Vesterbacka thinks a tunnel to Helsinki can be built within a very short time, and that it represents no great technological challenge. He suggests the money could be raised from Chinese investors as well as pension funds, and says the tunnel could be ready as early as December 2024. (Read more HERE)


Please note the change in the presentation!!!!!! 
From Peter Verstebacka FinEstBayArea & Talsinki-Hellinn Tunnel team and on his behalf and representing his agenda:
Kustaa ValtonenMavaconsult Oy - Entrepreneur, Business/Investor Angel and startup coach with many companies currently involved with a more than dozen investments 
Valdar Liive, self-employed advisor & independent contractor - Human bridge between Tallinn&Helsinki and Estonia&Finland, one of the FinEstBayArea engines, represented Enterprise Estonia in Finland 2003-2015 (Director of Foreign Investments and Trade Promotion of Helsinki office), member of the Finnish-Estonian Trade Association board. 
We invite you to watch also the video interview of Peter Vesterbacka given to in January 2018 which briefly introduces his intentions regarding the tunnel project. It's 5 minutes long. With the help of Kustaa and Valdar we are going elaborate the subject further.

What's the CASE of the day:
Tallink Grupp and Tallink Megastar - Ship of the New Generation

Tiina Kell (Group and Event coordinator at AS Tallink Grupp)
Katrin Küünemäe (B2B Marketing & Development Manager at Tallink Grupp

What's the SCHEDULE of the day 25.04.18
06:50 - Estsiders meet in Tallinn Terminal-D to pick-up the tickets from Sven
07:00 - Estsiders get on the board of Megastar and have breakfast
07:45 - Estisedrs meet in Comfort Lounge and presentation of Tallink Group and Tallink Megastar starts
08:00 - Case of the day - presentation of Tallink Group and Tallink Megastar starts
09:30 - Boat arrives to Helsinki - free time
10:00 - Finsiders get on the board of Megastar and join the event (meeting in Länsiterminal 9:40)
10:15 - Introduction round so everyone get to know each other. 
10:30 - Topic of the day: Hellinn - Talsingi by Peter Vesterbacka presentation starts
12:00 - Free time /mingling and open discussion
12:30 - Megastar arrives to Tallinn Terminal-D
13:00 - Lunch buffet for Finsiders 
14:00 - Case of the day - presentation of Tallink Group and Tallink Megastar starts
15:30 - Megastar arrives to Helsinki Länsiterminali. 




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  • Membership 400 EUR per year

  • The membership can start any time of the year and it lasts for a year from the first meeting

  • In case of hindrance participation can be transferred to a colleague

  • Price of a single seminar for a non­member is 150 EUR + VAT

  • Seminars are held in English and include lunch and coffee breaks.