Research & Development

Within the project-based research, development and innovation at the present stage the main focus is on 3 projects funded by From Borders to Shared Space BOSS programme launched by the Finnish Ministry of Education and implemented by Haaga-Helia UAS.

These projects are

  • Hospitality Insiders Club Estonia (see more >)
  • Service Design in the Ähtäri and Tallinn Zoos
  • Supporting Development of Estonian Food Tourism.

Service Design in Developing Services in the Zoos

Regarding the Service Design in the Ähtäri and Tallinn Zoos project Haaga-Helia has been cooperating with the Ähtäri Zoo in Finland to develop services according to the service design principles. Now the cooperation is widening to the other side of the Gulf of Finland and alongside Ähtäri the Tallinn Zoo will get its services evaluated and visitors interviewed during the summer season (first events took place at both zoos in June already) and the recommendations for service design and improvement will be outlined during the autumn by Haaga-Helia staff and Master students.

Supporting Estonian Food Tourism development

Concerning the Supporting Development of Estonian Food Tourism project Haaga-Helia has been developing Finnish food tourism with ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Finpro/Visit Finland from year 2012. Now the developing is widening the other side of the Gulf of Finland: Estonian tourism industry is interested in learning from Finnish practice and the Estonian food tourism stakeholders are invited to workshops to hear and learn from Finnish research outcomes and experiences. Workshops will be held on monthly basis during the autumn of 2015.

For more information, please contact us

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