Trendide rakendamise töötuba "TEE TRENDIST TÖÖVAHEND"

How to Make Trends Work for Your Business

08.05.18 ja 15.05.18

Trainer: Ari Björkqvist 
Where: Pirita Spa Hotel

Summary of the 2-day course 
The aim of the workshop is to give the participants an overview and understanding of some of the main trends and developments in the hospitality industry, and especially how to track and utilize trends in hospitality management decision making. Important is not to recognize a trend, but to make it work for you, and to build new customer-oriented service concepts based on changing customer behavior. We have seen that customers are becoming more demanding, conscious of alternatives and more individual. Why, and how to react to phenomena of these kind?

Also the aim is to make the participant think and act managerially as part of hospitality management team, be creative, and based on this analysis, develop and create new concepts to cope with the challenges of the years to come.


Participants expected to attend:
Middle and senior management in hospitality businesses


Learning outcome of the course for the participant:
Upon participating the course the hospitality professional

  • Can track trends and weak signals
  • Can anticipate changes in the market place, adapt to new situations and knows how to identify and create new opportunities
  • Is able to take action based on those trends
  • Is able to see how trends affect businesses
  • Can make management decisions and justify them, and most importantly,
  • Is able to create new service products based on the above.


Course contents

  • Trend mapping
  • Trend lectures
  • Team practices and joint discussions
  • Individual assignment and presentation
  • Building new service concept exercises


Day 1

08.05.18 afternoon (13:00 - 17:00)

13:00- 14:45

Waking up to the ever-changing society
What are trends, weak signals, and mega trends? Trend pyramid.
How to find them?
What to do with them?
Discussion on the first day

15:00 Coffee break 
15:15 - 17:00 

What has changed?
Why is it happening?
Discussion on the first findings.
Ways to react to changes.
Be prepared to various futures
Finding a new paradigm for thinking
Finding a new set of behavior for the new paradigm
Discussion on the first day
A little personal assignment for the next time














Day 2
15.05.18 morning (9:00 - 13:00)

09:00 - 10:45 Personal assignment revealed
Changing customers - changing products and services
Let us practice.
(How to build) customer-oriented, future-driven concepts?
What is innovation?

11:00 Coffee break
11:15 -13:00

Tools for innovative processes
The good old Maslow
Blue Ocean Strategy
Open Innovation
Business Model Canvas
Let us practice
Which new tools do i have for my own company?













Ari Björkqvist is an all-encompassing hotel professional. Hotels were Ari's first career choice and throughout his 23 years within the profession, Ari has experienced every aspect of the hotel business from reception to the running of entire hotel chains as a CEO in Finland, the Baltic States and Russia. Ari’s active engagement in managing sales, marketing teams and carrying out global sales activities has meant he has gained a unique insight into the world of hotels. After Ari’s thriving hotel career, academia became his passion. Secondary but equal in importance, Ari was Program Director, Dean, and Head of Campus at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences on its Haaga Hospitality campus for 16 years.
Throughout this period, he was also engaged in coaching hospitality companies in fields of revenue management, marketing & sales, and concept development. At Haaga campus, he founded an  elite student club, Haaga Future Leaders Club, which trained top talents for the hospitality business. During his years at Haaga, Ari was engaged in major projects, such as The Finnish Hotel of Tomorrow and the Meeting Business of Tomorrow, that involved major companies. Ari is active on various international hospitality arenas, always searching for new concepts and emerging trends. Ari’s third career started just a few weeks ago, as he was appointed Project Director of HaagaHelia, Baltic Hospitality Management School, the new innovative and future-oriented private hotel management school to be opened in Tallinn in 2019. Ari is an enthusiastic, though somewhat untalented golfer, a great fan of good food and excellent wines. He loves anything with an engine, and drives his Porsche on racetracks whenever possible.

199 EUR + VAT
149 EUR + VAT (Hospitality Insiders Club Members)

 (Deadline for registration is 02.05.18)